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Green Bay Area Public School District










Students may be excused from school for the following reasons:

  1. Personal illness
  2. Funerals and religious services as requested by the parents
  3. Professional appointments that could not be scheduled outside of the regular school day
  4. Serious personal or family crisis
  5. Not being in proper physical and/or mental condition to attend school in accordance with Statute 118.15(3)(a)
  6. Family vacations which must be prearranged through the school office (preferably as many days prior to leaving as the length of the vacation.


Main Office:
(920) 492-2601

Guidance Office:
(920) 492-2602

Attendance Office:
(920) 492-2603

Absence Policies

When a student is absent from school, the parent/guardian shall call the school's attendance office (at 492-2653) by 8:00 A.M. The caller (parent/guardian/responsible person) is asked to please leave their name, phone number, the absent student's name, grade, and the reason for absence. Any calls made prior to 7:30 A.M. will be received by an answering service and the above information should be left at the tone. Please be sure to speak slowly and clearly when leaving a message on the answering machine.

When a student returns to school from an absence, he/she must report to the attendance office, before going to their classes. Students who have an excused absence must present a note from the parent/guardian. The note should include the student's name, grade, ID number, date(s) of absence, and reason for absence. Students who have an unexcused absence must still report to the attendance office and obtain an admit slip. Failure to check in at the attendance office may result in the assigning of detentions.

When a student is arriving to school late or needs to leave school early, he/she must first check in with the attendance office. A note presented at this time will excuse the student provided the reason meets with school board policy. An admit slip will be given to arriving students and an appointment slip will be given to students who are leaving. Appointment slips must be signed by a qualified person at the destination identified on the appointment slip and then submitted to the attendance office upon the student's return to school, whether it be that same day or the next school day. Failure to check in or out at the attendance office may result in the assigning of detentions.

Family vacations or trips MUST be pre-approved in accordance to state statutes. Forms are available in the attendance office for such absences. These forms will require a parent signature at least two days prior to the planned absence and teacher signature at least one day prior to the planned absence. Completed forms must be turned in to the attendance office before the absence. Family vacations and/or trips will not be excused after the fact. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian, and the student, to see to it that all work missed during any pre-excused absence is made up. It is also not recommended to take students out of school if they are failing or in danger of failing any of their classes.