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Below you will find the most complete list of (non-athletic) activities and advisors at Green Bay West High School. These activities and organizations represent what the student body has an interest in and their extensive areas of participation. Every student who is involved though the GBAPS District is required to sign the Code of Conduct and adhere with school rules, regulations, and eligibility requirements. If a student should ever want to add to this list with their own club or activity, that student will need an advisor and ten founding members of the charter. Please contact the Activities Director for more details. All students who participate in these extra-curricular events are choosing to do so with the understanding that they are subject to the Co-Curricular Code, school rules, district rules, and the knowledge they represent our school and the students therein. 

Performance and Art-Based Opportunities

 Group   Advisor(s)  Description
 Color Guard  Danielle Scherer  An athletic and creative way to support and perform at functions and games, working with flags, choreography, and other props may be for you!
 Dance Team
An athletic group of students who share a passion for dance! Dancers develop their talents to perform at football, basketball, community, and competition events through various styles; hip hop, pom, jazz, lyrical, kick, prop.
 Fall Play Ellie Hinz-Radue
Open to all actors and stage/tech crew who are drawn to the stage and want to improve the overall atmosphere of a show.
 Jazz Band Danielle Scherer For students who are playing at a higher level who want to show their skills in another genre of instrumental music.
Musical Amy Smejkal
Danielle Scherer
Mary Roffers
Spring show for all levels of performers, actors, singers, and stage/tech crew. There is no better time to learn the ins and outs of what it would take to be on Broadway.
 Marching & Pep  Band Danielle Scherer For Band students who want to show off their skill and pass their class these events are a must! The band gets the crowd on its feet!
 One Act Play
For students who are serious about acting, this competition based-performance challenges both the basics of crew and timed performance troupes.
 Pit Orchestra Danielle Scherer During the musical, this select group of musicians gives the audience the atmosphere and the actors the right notes to hit to be in a successful show.
 Show Choir Amy Smejkal This select group has auditions in the early fall, and performs at concerts and competitions throughout the school year.
 Talent Show Ellie Hinz-Radue The annual Talent Show is called Body Electric. Our theme is taken from a Walt Whitman poem entitled "I Sing the Body Electric" which is his celebration of the physical and spiritual strength common to all human beings. Anyone is welcome to audition.


Leadership and Competition-Based Activities

 Club Advisor(s) Description
 Academic Decathlon  Michelle Maresh  
Joanna Petersen
 Wisconsin Academic Decathlon is a state-wide Scholastic Competition for high school students from both the public and private schools throughout the State. This unique educational opportunity is for A, B & C level students--not just the "elite" student. The program provides opportunities for students to experience the challenges of rigorous team and individual competition.
 Academic Team
- Language Arts
Tracy VandeWalle

We compete against squads from other schools in a test of literary knowledge. The competition consists of two parts:

  • Essay component (based upon an assigned text or texts) completed prior to the live competition; and
  • Collaborative "Quiz Bowl" component (in which the team members collaboratively answer questions about literature, authors, and analysis in a timed environment).
 Academic Team
Mari Tomita
Bonnie Gonzales
You do not need to be an "A" math student; you simply need to enjoy the subject. We compete in the Metro Math League once a month from October to March. We also compete one Saturday in February at St. Norbert College. These competitions help prepare us for the final, city-wide competition at the end of March.
 Academic Team
-Social Studies

The competition consists of three rounds with a five-member team. Each team submits one written question and answer sheet to be scored. At the end of Round 2, the highest scoring teams will compete in the final round.
 Academic Team
Jennifer Cherek

The Science Academic Team participates in a competition of scientific knowledge and skills. It consists of up to three rounds against teams from other schools. Questions are based in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, but you do not need to be a master at all subjects.

 Bowling Gary Lepak Competitive or recreational bowler, all skill levels are welcome. Everyone participates in every meet. Become a part of the strong tradition of West bowling teams in the Green Bay Area Bowling Conference. Practice will begin in early November at Riviera Lanes. Conference meets start in early December and run through January. Further competitions last into additional months.
*Club fee is required.
(Distributive Education Clubs of America)
Joe Zehren DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.
(Family, Career and Community Leaders of America)
Roseann Smith The mission of FCCLA is to promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education. Students participate in leadership and informational events that are both local and national.
 Forensics Tracy VandeWalle
David Seas
Speaking competition with numerous levels and opportunities to gain confidence and poise with emphasis on interpretation, information, and speaking skills.
 French Forensics   Individual and group opportunities to advance French speaking skills and gain confidence in both speaking and a world language.
 Intra-City Student Council (ICSC) Patti Sorensen The Intra-City Student Council is the official student voice of the Green Bay Area Public School District, with legislative powers and responsibilities.  The ICSC works to encourage, and promote worthwhile projects designed to foster city-wide student involvement and interest offering a direct line of communication between the faculties and the student bodies of the Green Bay Public High Schools, the administration, and the Board of Education.
 Skills USA Andrew Belongia
Greg Maloney
Skills USA is a national non-profit organization serving teachers and high school and college students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical, and skilled service occupations, including health occupations.
 Solar Olympics Kendyl Clark Solar Olympics is an annual, one-day renewable energy event for participating SolarWise® schools within the WPS service area. This fun-filled energy competition gives high school students hands-on experience with renewable energy, along with project management and team work.
 Student Council Karen Brown-Schaible

Goal: To foster a spirit of cooperation and leadership among the students, faculty, and administration relating to school policy and spirit.
How & When to Join: Grade 10-12 are elected in the spring for the following school year. Grade 9 members are elected in the fall at the beginning of the school year.
 Trees for Tomorrow Boys -

Girls: Elona Winslow
This leadership activity begins with teachers submitting candidates from the sophomore class, then voting that number down to just 5-10 students for each session. The activity takes place at a camp, outdoors, with students from other schools.


Special Interest and Service Organizations

 Club            Advisor(s) Description
Advisor -  Freshman
Michelle Maresh
Lindsey Rykal
Organizes and supports class activities
Advisor -  Sophomore
Alexis Brei
Jordan Guenther
Organizes and supports class activities
Advisor -  Junior Class Wendy Kipp
Amy Smejkal
Organizes and supports class activities
Advisor -  Senior Class
David Seas Organizes and supports class activities
Anime Club   William Hinz Students coming together to watch, read and discuss various forms of anime.
Art Club Annie Larsen If you love art, this is the club for you!  Students get together to work on various art projects.
Asian Club Elona Winslow Meet to discuss culture, language, difficulties, and community at West.
Book Club Clare Putman
Group that gets together to discuss the current book they've read.
Chess Club Naomi Brosig Students get together to learn and compete in chess games.
Drama Club
Ellie Hinz-Radue 

Students who are interested in theatre and want to get a little more experience in the world of drama are welcome.

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)
FBLA helps high school students prepare for careers in business through academic competitions (FBLA Competitive Events), leadership development, and educational programs.
FEA (Future Educators Association)
Danielle Scherer
 Wendy Kipp
Encourages and informs students who are focused on becoming an educator after high school.
French Club

All about the French! Come and learn about culture, food, and what makes the French such an amazing population!
GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)
 Jill Diebold

Become allies through events, discussion, and open and honest conversations with peers and other adults.

 IB Club
Stephane Bielen
Anders Saulic
The IB club provides academic and program support for students enrolled in the IB Programme, guidance for the CAS portion of their enrollment and serve as a social space to gather and connect with other IB students and staff.
Link Crew

Open to juniors and seniors through an application and reference system. Older students help younger and new students learn about high school, and orient them in order to be successful.
National Honor Society
Anders Saulic
Stephane Bielen
The purpose of NHS is to provide service, and honor students who have exhibited excellent scholarship, leadership, character, and service to the community. Members must continue to exhibit these  qualities once inducted. Students in the tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grades are eligible for membership.
Native American Club
 Naomi Brosig For any and all students who identify with, or want to learn more about Native American culture, both here at school and out in the community.
Newspaper (The Purple Parrot) Andy Evenson
Online and in print! Come volunteer your talents as a writer, editor, photographer, critic, entrepreneur, or gossiper. All students and abilities are welcome to offer up their skills.
Science Club
Elona Winslow
 Interested in getting together with other people who have a love of the sciences? Together you can do experiments, watch movies, discuss modern marvels, and maybe take a field trip or two!     
Smash Club Danae Strathmann
Students get together to play board games, card games and video games including Super Mario Smash Brothers.   
Sting Cancer
Wendy Kipp
Support cancer survivors, raise money for cancer research and provide awareness within the West family.
Yearbook Jill Diebold Gain skills in photography, layout and design, and writing, while staying in-the-know about all things at West! New members are always welcome and can join at any time.


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