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Performance and Art-Based Opportunities

Performance and Art-Based Opportunities

Group  Advisor(s)  Description
Color Guard Danielle Scherer  An athletic and creative way to support and perform at functions and games, working with flags, choreography, and other props may be for you!
Dance Team   An athletic group of students who share a passion for dance! Dancers develop their talents to perform at football, basketball, community, and competition events through various styles; hip hop, pom, jazz, lyrical, kick, prop.
Fall Play Ellie Hinz-Radue Open to all actors and stage/tech crew who are drawn to the stage and want to improve the overall atmosphere of a show.
Jazz Band Danielle Scherer For students who are playing at a higher level who want to show their skills in another genre of instrumental music.
  • Amy Smejkal
  • Danielle Scherer
  • Mary Roffers  
Spring show for all levels of performers, actors, singers, and stage/tech crew. There is no better time to learn the ins and outs of what it would take to be on Broadway.
Marching & Pep Band Danielle Scherer For Band students who want to show off their skill and pass their class these events are a must! The band gets the crowd on its feet!
One Act Play   For students who are serious about acting, this competition based-performance challenges both the basics of crew and timed performance troupes.
Pit Orchestra Danielle Scherer During the musical, this select group of musicians gives the audience the atmosphere and the actors the right notes to hit to be in a successful show.
Show Choir Amy Smejkal This select group has auditions in the early fall, and performs at concerts and competitions throughout the school year.
Talent Show Ellie Hinz-Radue The annual Talent Show is called Body Electric. Our theme is taken from a Walt Whitman poem entitled "I Sing the Body Electric" which is his celebration of the physical and spiritual strength common to all human beings. Anyone is welcome to audition.